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Learn to move easily, from the inside

Feldenkrais is a way of observing and teaching movement, and is designed for people of all ages to learn how to move in an easy and comfortable way, from the inside. Are you someone who would like to:

  • increase suppleness and agility
  • make life more enjoyable
  • boost your athletic performance
  • relieve your pain

Efficient movement is more effective in achieving your goals. It means less wear and tear on your body, and more energy at the end of the day. Feldenkrais is effective whether you are recovering from injury, in a desk job, a horse rider or yoga student, a movement teacher or a professional athlete. Learn skills that will last the rest of your life.

We are creatures of habit. We learn how to move accidentally as children and we progress when it is good enough. In this way, each of us develops our individual movement patterns. Mostly these habits are useful but sometimes we need to find a better way. This is the case when we want to excel at a sport or performance art, when we have pain or difficulty with movement or when we simply want to walk further, stronger, happier.

Attend Feldenkrais classes or individual sessions that are specifically related to what you do in your life (sitting, walking, lifting, horse riding, yoga, swimming, etc) so that the improvements are immediately useful. We will pay attention to how you move, from the inside. Feldenkrais is an effective way to learn to move in an easy, comfortable way. The quiet approach is safe for people who cannot participate in regular exercise and a valuable adjunct for those who can.

Awareness Through Movement ® classes are small group sessions. Each term introduces a new theme and is complete in itself. However, the learning is accumulative and you will continue to benefit with each new topic.
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Individual Sessions
Individual sessions may be helpful if you have specific movement concerns and interests. Your personal goals are in the foreground. We will observe the way you move, and you will learn ways of movement by touch and verbal feedback.
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